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IDS International is a team of leading experts and experienced field practitioners in the areas of conflict, instability, and crisis. Our success is built upon a commitment to quality and our passion for finding new ways to address gaps between operational needs and government capabilities.

About the company.

Interagency Training

IDS International provides interagency and smart power experts for both civilian and military predeployment training events.

Interagency training and PRT replication.

Cultural Training & Roleplaying

Our experienced roleplayers prepare US soldiers and private sector employees for immersion in culture through classroom instruction and roleplay scenarios.

Cultural training and roleplaying.

DSF Training

IDS offers training courses on the District Stability Framework (DSF), a stability operations concept originally developed in Afghanistan that is evolving and adaptable to new contingency areas. 

DSF Implementors' Course

Provincial Handbooks

Written and edited by authors with extensive experience in the provinces, our handbooks are widely used as orientation guides for deploying US military and civilian personnel.

Afghanistan and Pakistan handbooks.

Smart Power in Hard Places Blog

IDS is proud to annouce the launch of our new blog "Smart Power in Hard Places." This blog features commentary and photos from leading thinkers on national security and complex operations, with a focus on countries emerging from conflict.

Smart Power in Hard Places

Got sand in your boots?

We are constantly seeking professionals with recent experience in development, diplomacy, and stability operations. Please see our careers page for further details.

Current Openings and Internships.