Cyber & Social Media

In the last decade, we have seen a series of events that used the Internet as an effective tool to ignite political agendas, support rebel movements and promote insurgent propaganda. 

Given the global rise of social networking and its influence on human behavior and perception, military training exercises that do not incorporate social media analysis and engagement are missing an essential element of today's operating environment. 

IDS International has developed a scenario-based capability that provides social media inputs and open-source replication to help training units better understand the virtual human domain and its relevance to planning and operations: 

Social Media Environment and Internet Replication (SMEIR™) provides an immersive, realistic, and scalable operational training environment. From replicating real life social media environments that facilitate the enemy’s operations to delivering nation state intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance of mission critical infrastructure, SMEIR prepares our nation’s military with multi-domain training and knowledge. In this environment, warfighters simultaneously train on social media analytics and full-spectrum cyberspace operations, during integrated and multi-dimensional exercises.

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