Expeditionary Services

In unstable environments, it is critical to respond rapidly to a range of development and emergency needs. Both inside and out of the U.S. Government, the personnel at IDS International have strong reputations in non-lethal, interagency, and civil-military expertise, alongside recent in-country experience. We can provide individual and team support for planning, coordinating, managing, and executing rapid reaction programs, as well as long-term programs. Our civilian expertise and strong understanding of the U.S. military allow us to integrate into the training process and deliver civil-military mission support to deployed units. IDS International has an expansive cadre of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who know how to operate in conflict zones and with military forces. Their expertise provides robust support to training exercises in the U.S. and is a force-multiplier for operations abroad.

Through our Expeditionary Services program, IDS International can rapidly deploy (96hrs) individuals or a customized, multidisciplinary team of vetted SMEs to support mission objectives. 

Our teams can embed with or in advance of deployable units. With small footprints and minimal requirements for life support, IDS International SMEs are experts in austere environments. 

The deploying unit and their mission objectives will determine the capabilities within a given Expeditionary Services team. In addition to sector-specific expertise, all IDS International SMEs are trained with a core set of skills needed to operate in complex environments. This includes planning, coordination, management and execution for both rapid-response and contingency operations. 

Units partnered with our Expeditionary Services SMEs have a reach-back capability to a knowledge management center (KMC). The KMC serves as a database that maintains historical knowledge, tracks regional dynamics, compiles "best practices" and provides a valuable training tool for deploying units.