In an era of diminished U.S. military presence abroad along with a more resource-constrained environment, a field research capability provides the USG a deeper, more informed and current picture of populations and perceptions in potential areas of operation.

IDS International provides this research capability by conducting Social Science Research and Analysis (SSRA) and has developed an enduring SSRA field research capability consisting of a mix of indigenous field research assets and CONUS-based researchers and liaison that can be tailored to operate in a broad range of high priority environments. 

Our field research provides analysts with data that do not exist in secondary sources, and enable the development of highly tailored and operationally relevant quantitative, qualitative and mixed-method reports that include but are not limited to:

  • Human Geography Survey and Mapping
  • Political Influence Survey and Mapping
  • Field Based Economic Research
  • Field Based Humanitarian and Health Research
  • Atmospherics and Population Perceptions
  • Local Knowledge of Logistics and Security